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Bahay Financial Services

Bahay Financial Services

Makati City, Metro Manila

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BFS is a pioneering multi-national mortgage servicing platform that combines functional competencies in Mortgage Finance Origination and Credit Underwriting, Loan Servicing, Default Management, Property Management and Sales and Secondary Market Development.

As a comprehensive business proposition covering the entire mortgage servicing life cycle, BFS has specifically addressed the following Key Success areas:

A management team of seasoned professionals, fully knowledgeable and equipped with broad experience in portfolio management
Development of and adherence to best-practice policies, controls and procedure
Development and implementation of best-practice servicing methodologies in the areas of:
Mortgage Loan Origination and Underwriting for a better Credit Culture
Loan Servicing and
Default Management
Development of a secondary market for mortgage paper underwritten and serviced to internationally-rated standards
Using specialized and efficient technology applied to manage the processing of a high volume of information, ensuring a high degree of transactional efficiency and integrity
Entering into strategic partnerships with like-minded professional entities
A first mover in this industry, BFS adheres to international standards and best practices that are customized for local market conditions. The company employs customized programs and strategies, systems-driven processes and procedures, and end-to-end automation including virtual foldering, a centralized database, and data warehousing.


All sales inquiries should be directed to the property broker, agent, or seller. A quick reply from the property broker, agent, or seller is not guaranteed.