Eton Properties Philippines, Inc

Makati City, Metro Manila

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Registered: Jan. 25, 2016

Six years ago, we introduced several unique developments that inspired innovation in the property industry. Today, we continue to do so with more homes and communities that raise the quality of life of Filipinos.

The Eton name bears an enviable track record of proven leadership and excellence in property development. Our highly-recognized counterparts, Eton Properties Group in China and Eton Properties Limited in Hong Kong are established international property giants with world class premier developments in Hong Kong, Dalian, Xiamen, Shenyang, Beijing and Shanghai. We are creating new and beautiful beginnings for the Filipino family through finely-crafted homes and inspiring landscapes that allow them to explore all of life's exciting possibilities. We draw inspiration from our foreign counterparts? masterful expertise, vast experience and overriding commitment to quality as a world-acknowledged real estate industry prime mover and innovator.

Eton Properties Philippines endeavors to give you the best property investment options through extraordinary developments that redefine the way you live.



All sales inquiries should be directed to the property broker, agent, or seller. A quick reply from the property broker, agent, or seller is not guaranteed.